Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to school ... maybe

(August 30, 2011) Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc this past weekend in Recorder Community Newspapers' coverage area. Sunday's heavy rain and high winds caused widespread flooding and power outages due to trees' falling on electric wires. Even today many still are without power or even forced out of their homes and businesses by flood waters and/or downed trees.

My husband and I are busy cleaning up storm debris including cartfuls of tree branches from the storm. Luckily, no trees fell on the house. Our power is out, but we have a generator which we're using for the first time. We bought it a few years ago after a concentrated, heavy October snowfall left us stranded and without electricity for nearly a week. Out here in the country no electricity means no lights, no water (no toilet flushes), no heat, no cooking, no refrigeration, you get the picture.

But, life goes on and, even though Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, some schools opened last week, some are scheduled to start classes this week and the rest will be in operation hopefully after the Sept. 5 holiday; that is, if there are no storm-related issues.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August and summer's almost gone

(Aug. 24, 2011) Where has the summer gone? It was a beautiful one and I can't believe it's almost over.

Between helping out with our 14 grandchildren (including a brand-new grandson and a college-bound granddaughter) and celebrating our golden wedding anniversary, Jack and I have been very busy, not to mention dealing with Mother Nature out here in the country. The deer continue to eat anything I plant. The earthquake yesterday and the coming hurricane just add to the busyness.

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