Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Change in lineup

(Jan. 26, 2010) You may have noticed a change in the lineup of blogs on this Recorder Newspapers' Web site. Some blogs that used to be here no longer can be seen here.

That's because so many have signed up to blog for Recorder Newspapers we have decided to display their blogs according to territory. For instance, Hunterdon County bloggers appear on the Hunterdon Review site. No bloggers have been eliminated. In fact, new ones join the growing list every week.

To see all Recorder Newspapers' bloggers, visit all 15 papers online. Also, look for a design change soon.

Those community groups or individuals interested in blogging for Recorder Newspapers should e-mail panderson@recordernewspapers.com or call (908) 832-7420 to learn more about this free, real time, multi-media communication tool. The process is quick and simple. Blogs may include print, pictures and video, whatever is your pleasure (and expertise). I am willing and able to help.

Monday, January 18, 2010

National holiday

(Jan. 18, 2010) Today, the third Monday of January, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, commemorating the slain civil rights leader whose birthday is Jan. 15. Most governmental offices are closed as are many schools. In recent years it has been de riguer to spend the day in community service in honor of King's legacy.

Many groups and organizations offer opportunities for service for all ages today and throughout the year. Read about them in Recorder Community Newspapers and online in their blogs.

Any group or individual interested in joining the growing list of bloggers for Recorder Newspapers is invited to sign up for this free multi-media communication tool. Just e-mail me at panderson@recordernewspapers.com or call (908) 832-7420 and I will help with the very simple process.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deep freeze

(Jan. 12, 2009) Temperatures have not gone above freezing in several days and we're in a deep freeze. Unplowed snow has turned to ice making walking and driving treacherous.

But even staying inside you still can keep connected via Recorder Newspapers' blogs. Every one of our hometown newspapers has its own Web site featuring the latest local news plus a series of blogs on local subjects. Check them for details on a myriad of topics and activities.

Local groups or individuals interested in blogging right on a Recorder Newspaper's site are invited to sign up for this free opportunity in multi-media communication. Just e-mail me at panderson@recordernewspapers.com or call (908) 832-7420 and I will assist you with the simple process.

Meantime, enjoy what our Web sites and bloggers have to offer.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

(Jan. 1, 2010) Happy New Year! I hope this new decade is better for everyone than the last with its various trying episodes from terrorist attacks to financial meltdown.

One good thing is Recorder Newspapers is keeping up with the times by offering individuals and group representatives the opportunity to blog right on the newspapers' Web sites. This free service is very easy to implement and maintain. Just e-mail me at panderson@recordernewspapers.com or call (908) 832-7420 to find out how to start blogging.

This multi-media communication device let's one disseminate news in real time via words, pictures and even video for Recorder Newspapers' online readers. There is no fee.

I'm ready and willing to help out anyone interested in keeping up with 21st century communication.