Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

(Dec. 25, 2009) May the peace of Christmas be with everyone this Christmas Day.

And I hope Santa Claus was good to all as well.

Have a happy day with family and friends.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Songs of the season

(Dec. 15, 2009) It's only 10 days until Christmas and many groups are hosting concerts and other productions in celebration of the holidays. From pageants to school shows, everyone is getting into the swing of the season. Already this week, we've been to a majestic Christmas concert and plan to go to two school programs on Wednesday.

Check out Recorder Community Newspapers and its blogs for information on a variety of programs in your area.

Those interested in telling about their offerings may sign up to blog right on Recorder Newspapers' Web site. For details, e-mail me at or call (908) 832-7420. The multi-media process is very simple and there is no fee.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Snowed in

(Dec. 7, 2009) Wow, the weatherman was right. Parts of our newspapers' coverage area were covered by snow Saturday, creating a lovely winter wonderland. Up to four inches fell in my town throughout the afternoon, so we stayed inside and enjoyed the views. Temperatures in the 20s and early 30s are keeping the snow here today, but luckily our driveway and main roads have been plowed to prevent ice buildup.

Today also is Pearl Harbor Day, the date in 1941 when Japan bombed U.S. ships in Pearl Harbor and brought this country into World War II. It is a day to remember all veterans who served in that war and to thank them for their sacrifices.

Today also is a good day to check out the Recorder Newspapers bloggers to find out what is happening in their areas. Many events are listed for the holiday season.

Any community group or individual interested in becoming a Recorder blogger is welcome to e-mail me at to find out more about this free, easy, multi-media way of communicating or call me at (908) 832-7420. I will be happy to assist you in joining our growing list of bloggers.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town

(Dec. 4, 2009) December is here and Santa Claus is planning to visit many of our area towns. There also will be tree lighting ceremonies and even parades along with his appearances. Read all about these happy winter events in our Recorder Newspapers and their blogs.

Groups and organizations interested in joining our growing list of bloggers are invited to participate in this free multi-media service. To find out how to do it, e-mail me at or call (908) 832-7420 and I will help make it happen.